Thursday, 1 November 2018

Dialogue and Gratitude at St. Kateri

St. Kateri Tekakwitha Aboriginal Catholic Parish has been the home for many Red Threads rehearsals over the past several years.  To thank the church for their generosity in sharing their space with us, our troupe offered to do a volunteer performance.

St. Kateri has been working on a dialogue project focusing on reconciliation among indigenous peoples and settlers with St. Ignatius Parish.  Members of both congregations have been meeting regularly for dialogue and community building, and we had the gift of joining them for a closing dialogue on October 18th, 2018.

Over the evening, we heard stories from community members about experiences - some long ago and some recent - that shaped their understandings of themselves and others.

We heard stories of cultural assumptions, of confronting bullying, and of peace-builders who had touched the lives of those present.

After joining the community for the evening, our company now has even more reason to be grateful.  Thank you St. Kateri for providing us a home for our weekly practice - such a fundamental ingredient in what we do.  And thank you for your openness to trying something new and the great risk of sharing your stories.

"Thank you very much for working with our Kateri-St. Ignatius reconciliation group.  Your depth of understanding and interpreting built a community in the room and called us all to embrace our own humaness, realizing we are all one." - Sr. Margaret Hughes

"I never expected it to move me as it did" - Winn Leslie, Parishioner, St. Ignatius