Friday, 17 May 2019

An Evening in May…..

If laughter is the best medicine…we had lots of good medicine and a few tears at the May 9th public performance sponsored by the Manitoba Government program Healthy Together Now. Engaging in the arts is a traditional way to grow relationships, understanding, support and community health.

Over 70 people, many of whom had seen previous Red Threads playback performances, enjoyed “A Slice of Life” experiences from audience members improvisationally performed by Claude Bellefeuille, Bequie Lake, Dawn Lavand,Tanissa Martindale, Dana Rungay and Robin Shugart.

Stories from childhood to great grand-motherhood were told and held in the warmth of the audience then played back with empathy, honesty and humor by the troupe.  We heard stories about unconditional love from dogs (both the needed and the unsolicited!), family longings and tensions, unforgotten bullying, long-lost and regained connections, transitions and the joys of the generations.

It was an uplifting evening of re-connecting with friends and colleagues as well as inviting new friends into the playback circle of story and community. One audience member said, “more people need to be part of this".  Thanks again to all who made it possible.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Watch 'Theatre of Neighbours' Online!

We're so delighted to share that Brad Leitch's documentary, Theatre of Neighbours, is now online!  Starting May 1st you can stream this documentary at 

Filmmaker Brad Leitch made this project as his first independent feature film, and poured a lot of love into the film over a years long process.  We're honoured to have our work documented in this way, and share our deep gratitude with Brad for this film.  

If you're able, please consider making a donation to Brad to help with production costs and the costs of making the film available online.  There is a donate button on the film's website.  

And, we all stand on the shoulders of giants, so thanks to all of the playback trainers (especially Sarah Halley, Armand Volkas, and Sheila Donio) who have come to Winnipeg to help us build our company, all of the remarkable local theatre artists who've shared their skills (too many to name!), and the playback community around the world.  This is a lifelong journey of learning, and in many ways, we're still beginning.