Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Some of the Red Threads team at our first rehearsal of the season.

Red Threads will be leaping into a busy Fall season with many partnerships across the city.  Over the last six years, we have been building bridges of understanding and empathy by sharing personal stories through improvisational theatre.  Our workshops & performances have nurtured many connections in Winnipeg, and we're looking forward to all of these upcoming collaborations.  

This year, several of the workshops and performances will be part of a Playback documentary being filmed by Red Threads team member Brad Leitch of Rebel Sky Media.

Public Performances

September 23rd - "Let Me Tell You My Story" at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  

Bonface Beti, cofounder of Amani Peoples Theatre in Kenya, will lead two workshops leading to a public performance.  Bonface has used Playback Theatre as tool for conflict transformation across central Africa. Bonface is also a two-year visiting member of Red Threads of Peace Playback Theatre troupe. The theme of his workshops and performances are newcomers' stories of home. The workshop will involve a group of 10 newcomers in Winnipeg who will also participate in the final public performance with Red Threads.  Admission is free.  We will be filming this process.

September 28th - "When I Moved to Manitoba" in collaboration with the Global College and the Umunna (Igbo) Cultural Association of Manitoba.

Red Threads will perform stories of immigrating to Manitoba — the good, the challenging, and the heart-warming — at this event co-hosted by Global College and the Umunna (Igbo) Cultural Association of Manitoba.  

Other upcoming Red Threads workshops

We also have other workshops and performances coming up with some of our community partners.   

In September we will be continuing our relationship with Rainbow Resource Centre as part of their seasonal volunteer training with a workshop and performance.  This is the first in a series of 3 workshop/performances.

Next up, in October, Red Threads will also have a performance at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference. We have been invited to film this event for the documentary and are excited about the collaboration.  We will also be offering a workshop to Drama Educators at their annual conference.

Last but not least, two members of the troupe, including one who was part of an Indigenous Doula program, will be leading a series of workshops and a performance on "birthing & mothering stories". This is in partnership with "The Mothering Project" at Mount Carmel Clinic. They are excited to participate in playback and the documentary.  

We are looking forward to a full fall.  Come join us for the public shows at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Global College - or connect with us about your ideas!