Monday, 22 April 2019


In Playback Theatre performances we have found our bodies often speak louder than our words.  Our hope was that the generous grant from Assiniboine Credit Union would give us access to the local talent to develop our capacity and to connect with our audiences through the power of physical expression.  

Tanja did just what we needed! 

Movement specialist Tanja Woloshen inspired the Red Threads ensemble with exercises to tap into our bodies and spontaneous physical expression in a one day workshop at the Gas Station Arts Centre. Tanja guided us to find more ways to use our bodies to communicate to our audience. Here are some comments from the troupe about our workshop:

The group was strengthen because of the (sometimes awkward but deepening) exercises.

Individually, I also grew and learned as an artist.  This training forges a better all round musician/artist.  

I particularly appreciated her skill at offering personal explorations in movement first; then holding our troupe’s improvisational forms as focus, the group work seemed much more solid, still exploratory, and filled with options.

… options... I feel we were left with a sense of new possibilities of expression, new options, which feel deep and subtle at the same time. Thanks.

I don't know if you're still buzzing from yesterday like I am, with so many juicy tidbits to digest and integrate. I am especially grateful for the insight and courage gained from witnessing my story which allowed me to reach out authentically and reconnect with ……. despite my vulnerabilities. THANK YOU for the ongoing gift of your presence, sharing, and honouring of stories in our little playback realm. It is an honour and a joy to work alongside all of you in this craft. 

I really feel like Tanja intuited and understood very well the essence of Playback even without having a full understanding of the practice and forms. Incorporating the senses and different aspects of expression was especially useful; I appreciated familiar-ish exercises with a twist as well as the explorations I've never done before. I believe working non-verbally with fellow troupe members deepens our trust and group mind abilities, as well as moves the practice to a deeper level. Very grateful for the time with Tanja and the extended time together as a group.