Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Where the Rivers Meet Conference October 14, 2014

The Red Threads of Peace Project was honored to perform at Faith in the City II – Augustine’s annual ecumenical, congregationally-based conversation – exploring our relationship with Mother Earth. First Peoples and Settlers gathered at Augustine United Church and at the Assiniboine River and explored:

  • How do we rekindle our spiritual connection to the earth? 
  • How can settlers and indigenous peoples be allies in actions to defend our earth’s resources? 
  • How has Christian theology/tradition brought us to where we are (e.g. the ecological crisis, the troubled relationship between first peoples/settlers)? 
  • How can a decolonized and reimagined Christian theology move us to a new and sacred place? 
  • How can the settlers among us find the courage to become unsettled?

 Red Threads playback performed as part of their sharing on these deep questions. Feedback on the performance from one of the conference organizers Gareth Neufeld was:
"It was an absolute delight to have you join us on Saturday. You changed the pace for us all, without a doubt, but certainly not the intensity of our collective engagement with the issues before us. In fact, you took us deeper. The feedback from a good number of participants was very positive. Thank you so very much. Please extend warmest greetings and thanks to the others as well. Until soon, I hope." - Gareth