Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What Our Friends at Villa Cabrini Seniors Residence Say About Red Threads of Peace Playback….

Donna Bjorkland:
It’s such a joy to get a group like Playback in. No matter how you feel coming into the second floor, they give us joy and happiness and contentment about ourselves, our situations. They make it seem worthwhile. It’s healthy! They (the government) should include this in the health budget!

It’s such a joy to see such happy, amusing, amenable, joyful people. To have them share that with us. It’s very uplifting.

It (Playback) gets us out of whatever bad mood we’re in. And some people who haven’t smiled for months or years, they actually come out and sit down there because of your program. Even if they may not say something at first, you’ve got them out. That’s important.

I think that each generation because it’s so different than the other should remember that previous generation. The next generation too will have to recognize what this generation went through. A world with no time for the past is a world that will return to the dust. Playback helps the generations remember each other.

Rosie Sarraillon:
I remember the first time they came. I was so nervous because I thought “oh I will never have anything to say”, and then of course me, I ended up being the one who talked the most!

Every second Friday I’m waiting. Oh playbacks today I can’t wait! When we come down to the second floor it is like going to see part of your family! They are their with open arms and everyone is hugging and it’s just very fulfilling.

Ruth Smith:
It perks us up whenever you come here, especially on a gloomy day!

Susan Krahn:
I love playback! I like it, I really do, I really enjoy everyone around it. And I miss them terribly when they aren’t here!

I’m glad that I have really,really been able to put my stories forward and I still have more to tell!

Marianne McCullum:
I find it interesting. I turned into a hermit after I retired and I’m trying to get out of that mode. Playback is very good for me.

Red Threads of Peace has performed regularly at Villa Cabrini for two years. Over this time, residents and actors have grown a history and feeling of family together.